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12th-Aug-2013 04:40 pm - Another upload...
I actually already posted this on tumblr, but I thought I'd also put a direct download link here too. This is FAIRY FORE's track from a free distribution CD from SWEET TRANCE 2002 SECOND STAGE: LAST SUMMER DAY. It starts with comments, and ends with a recording of 雪が降る街. If anyone is interested in direct downloads of Waive and Psycho le Cému's tracks (which I also posted on tumblr), I can upload those as well.

12th-Feb-2011 09:58 pm - UPLOADS!!!
So I was lucky enough to find a couple of live-sale only CDs at PureSound last weekend, and they arrived today. So time to share!

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14th-Aug-2010 03:44 am - NEW LAYOUT

BTW, we have tags now. :D
13th-Aug-2010 06:23 am - Anyone out there? :D
So I may be talking into a void now, but whatever. I MADE GIFS AND YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY ABOUT IT.

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7th-Oct-2009 10:12 pm - Postage on Youtube.
yokoi, fairy_fore, pretty
I uploaded the SPICE SHOWER concert DVD to Youtube~.

Man, it's been a long time since I've been here.


Link to part one. Enjoy.
15th-Mar-2009 03:31 pm - Flyer scans
Matt // Hysteria
Just a few flyer scans for the 2003 "Catch me Darling" tour. Oh, and an anketto form. :)

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20th-Jan-2009 09:12 am - BEAUTY MANIACS clip
It finally occurred to me to rip this. It's from a free DVD that I found outside of some venue when I was in Tokyo. It's titled "Music People 03" and features clips of several bands, including BEAUTY MANIACS. This is basically a live clip, but I'm not sure if the audio is actually live or not. The song featured is リアリティ.

Download here.

The DVD also features MONKEY MAJIK, GENERAL HEAD MOUNTAIN, The Croagh Patrick, ムラマサ☆, JUNIOR and GODIEGO, if anyone's interested.
18th-Jul-2008 08:45 pm - SHOXX scans
Matt // Hysteria
Here, have some more scans. ^^

Both lots are from volumes of SHOXX from 2000. They're pretty large images and the kanji should be clear enough if someone's feeling ambitious and wants to translate something... :)

If you reuse them in any shape or form, crediting either gasara or fairyfore_scans would be lovely. Thanks.

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13th-Apr-2008 10:06 pm - More FIR~REFORLE scans
Matt // Hysteria
This interview is from SHOXX Vol. 06/2000. I posted the images in a downloadable zip file full of stuff a while back, but this is the whole thing. Enjoy :D

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11th-Apr-2008 07:30 pm - FIR~REFORLE scan - SHOXX 04-1999
Matt // Hysteria
Because I'm desperate not to see this community die, I bring you a scan. There'll be a lot more to come in the next few weeks as I've been working on scanning everything FAIRY FORE related that I own. The count is somewhere near 150 pages at the moment... All images are sized so you can still read the text. If you want to have a go at translating anything, please go right ahead. ^^

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