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6th-Apr-2008 06:52 pm - uBuGoe community...
Matt // Hysteria
Just in case they're in it for the long haul, I thought we might need this: ubugoe.

It is as yet officially unfinished (see the half-baked user info), but I thought I'd get something up just in case people felt the need to discuss the band :)
Matt // Hysteria
uBuGoe are:

Vocal: Genouzono Takashi
Drums: Yoko
Guitar: Yuuki
Bass: Shigure

And that's really all I need to say.

Official website

They're playing their first gig on the 13th April at Yokohama 7th Avenue. I don't know anymore than that at the moment other than I think I'm about as excited as Yoko is. Seriously, I think I might just pass out at this news. :D

Excited flailing, anyone?
6th-Oct-2007 07:50 pm - 「Darling」 Lyrics
Matt // Hysteria
Alrighty, here are the wonderful lyrics for 「Darling」 and 「背の伸びた少年」. I'll add the scans to this post when I can upload them. Enjoy~! XD

To the lyrics~!Collapse )
13th-Sep-2007 10:37 pm - Icons for you~!
Matt // Hysteria
I've been in an icon making mood for a while. That coupled with unending love for FAIRY FORE and an urge to post here equals this:

FAIRY FORE: So attractive it hurts my eyes~!Collapse )

Mini rules:
* These can be used as bases, so you can scrawl all over them but please don't change the images.
* If you use them, plain or scrawled, please credit me. Thanks~! ^_^
9th-Aug-2007 10:11 pm - Random mini translations...
Matt // Hysteria
I just felt like posting something and all I could find that I'd already done were these ^_^

As you might know, the first press of the 「FILL IN」demo tape came with a signed photograph and a matchbox. However, there are no matches to be had. Instead they put in a little photocopied set of directions for using the matchbox. Each member wrote their own note which is decorated with a picture. I don't know who drew them but they seem to be done by the same person. Um... Yeah, I'm kind of lucky to have two copies (please don't hit me). The notes I found were written by Takashi and Yokoi, under the names Rei and Shayte. Under the cut you'll find translations and a few pictures of the notes. My computer won't upload large files at the moment so I've only got rubbishy photos I took on my phone. I'll try to upload some scans soon :)

Directions of UseCollapse )
30th-Jul-2007 07:44 pm - I am so bored of scanning~!
Matt // Hysteria
Here as promised is the second lot of scans I mentioned. There's quite a lot of individual images (31, I think...) this time so I've put them all into a zip file for you to download. There's explanations of them behind the cut, but I will admit I don't know where some of them came from as some are only clippings whereas others came from magazines I own. Sorry about this, but you'll be able to enjoy the pictures nonetheless. ^_^

Endless scans...Collapse )
29th-Jul-2007 12:12 pm - Request partially fulfilled...
Matt // Hysteria
Here are the pictures for arachne1. As I mentioned, it's not all of them but I hope these'll do for now. I'm also adding the old photos from Yasu's blog 'cause they're kinda nice... ^_^

More attractive photos...Collapse )
28th-Jul-2007 11:35 pm - videos + request
Here they are~

FAIRY FORE - 2005.11.24@表参道 FAB
FAIRY FORE - 2005.12.08@仙台 MACANA

Also, a request. I'm looking for some pictures:

-The live photos that were on Orpheus's website before the last time SOMEONE forgot to pay the bill. (LOL JUN YOU FAIL. Stop forgetting to pay your bills, damn it.)
-The photo that Yokoi once had in his blog profile. I don't know why he removed it, but I never thought to save it while it was still there and I want it now.
-The photo(s?) that was on JUN's website years ago. (I'm not holding my breath on this one.)

I think that's it. Thanks in advance. ♡
1st-Jul-2007 03:53 pm - Gifts for teh newblets~ (DELETED)
yokoi, fairy_fore, pretty
I was mistaken in uploading those CD's. As many people everywhere have said, please buy the CD's. I only meant for this to give others a taste of something, but I put too much in, and we all know how much we love to get free stuff. (I know I do, but hey.)

Again, many apologies. This will not happen again.
23rd-Jun-2007 10:38 am - Mmm... Pretty FAIRY FORE
Matt // Hysteria
I was meant to be typing up the kanji for the mp3s I uploaded but I got a bit bored... and bought a scanner instead. ^_^ I'm so lazy... But it does mean that you get to drool over some very nice pictures of FAIRY FORE!! It all works out well in the end!! I will admit that I don't know the exact origins of some of these pictures... Heh. Although I own them, some were just from clippings that didn't state the magazine - so I guess that's not very helpful. But you can still enjoy them nonetheless!!

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